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The UK's First App Controlled Unitary Fan!

The launch of Svara marks the next generation of unitary fans.

For electricians, installation is made simple through Svara’s Bluetooth-enabled App allowing you to choose whether to opt for intermittent or continuous ventilation; whether you would like the humidistat to trigger operation or not; and whether the overrun timer is required. No more fiddly switches and jumpers!

For consumers Svara offers improved comfort in their homes since it has been developed to allow households to take control of their indoor air quality via the App.

Aesthetics and Silence

The name Svara takes its influence from the fan’s Swedish heritage – a country well known for iconic and well thought out designs. Consumers will be attracted to Svara’s good looks with its sleek modern design, plus with noise a key issue for consumers, households will also be impressed by Svara’s quiet running, operating at just 17 dBA on low trickle. It is also easy to clean as the central module disconnects the motor from the rest of the fan allowing it to be simply wiped with a soft cloth, and at only 4W the energy efficient Svara also boasts low power consumption.

One Model Fits All

Vent-Axia Svara is programmed to cope with the vast majority of installations.

The fan is set as default to work continuously at a trickle flow of 10l/s.

When the fan senses a somebody in the room it increases the flow to 19l/s. If the humidity rises rapidly, for example when the shower is on, the fan goes up to maximum flow at 30l/s.

When the fan senses the humidity level has returned to normal it reverts to the trickle flow of 10l/s.

If other settings or functions are desired, they can be selected through the Vent-Axia Connect App which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Light Sensor

When the light sensor is enabled Svara senses when someone is in the room and then activates. Its sophisticated light sensor is triggered by light movement and shadows. It is possible to set a delay-on so the fan is not triggered by the light during quick night time bathroom visits. The light sensor can also distinguish between headlight flashes from cars and room occupancy, so it is not triggered by passing cars, avoiding nuisance running. The sensitivity of the light sensor can be adjusted via the App.

Overrun Timer

The light sensor provides an overrun timer but only requires a live and neutral. In houses where there is only a basic fan installed, the home owner can upgrade to a timer fan without having to rewire.


Svara features a humidistat which reacts to sharp changes in humidity, for instance when someone is taking a shower. When set to continuous running, once the humidity sensor is activated the fan runs at 30l/s until humidity returns to normal levels then the fan powers down to 10l/s. Ambient humidity changes will not trigger the humidistat. It is possible to change the sensitivity of the humidity sensor via the App.

Silent Scheduling and Automatic Cycles

The silent hours scheduling function allows you to deactivate the boost function on the Svara via the App, for example, this would prevent nuisance noise over night. Additionally during a vacation you can set Svara to an airing mode which operates a purge function every 12 hours for either 30, 60 or 90 minutes depending on selection. However, Svara’s sophisticated controls, will not purge if the light sensor detects that there is someone in the house.


  • Rated five star by Extracotr Fan World
  • Superb multi purpose fan!
  • App controlled via smart phone or tablet
  • Light, humidity sensor & overrun timer and delayed start
  • 3 speed
  • Extremely powerful 4 inch axial fan - 110m3/hr (!)
  • Uses less energy than any equivalent bathroom fan - 4w
  • Super quite at only 17db (A) on trickle and 20db(A) on boost
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Replaces existing 2 wire bathroom fan


  • Air Extraction: Boost 110m3/hr - High Trickle 68.4m3/hr - Low Trickle 36m3/hr
  • Air Extraction: L/s : 30 L/s On Boost - High Trickle 19L/s - Low Trickle 10L/s
  • Noise : 20dB(A) on Boost and 17db(A) on Trickle
  • Watts : 4w


  • Diameter: 177mm
  • Projection: 60mm
  • Spigot Depth: 21mm
  • Spigot Diameter: 99mm
Daniel Kenward February 23, 2016 17 tags (show)