Timeguard LED400PIRB 32W 4-Modules Quad LED Energy Saver PIR Floodlight - Black

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Part Number: SMILED400PIRB
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Timeguard LED400PIRB 32W LED Energy Saver PIR Floodlight (4x 8W LED Modules)- Black,Introducing the new 32W LED PIR Floodlight from Timeguard, a welcome addition to our popular range of LED outdoor lighting. Instantly bright like halogens, this slim design range is equivalent to 2000 Lumens (approx. 230W halogen) with only 14% of the running costs.A powerful and energy saving alternative to halogen lighting with multiple features and benefits.Powerful 32W (4x 8W) LED Energy Saving PIRFloodlight equivalent to 2000 Lumens (approx. 230W Halogen) with only 14% of the running costs.90 pan left and 90 pan right light aiming adjustment and 55 tilt adjustment.Light ON times adjustment 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Optional mode settings - Dusk to Dawn Photocell mode and Test mode. 180 PIR detection angle within adjustable 360 range and up to 12m detection range.Lux (light level) adjustment - Day to Night (2 to 200 Lux - dusk to dawn'ON' when at max).Can link with up to 5 slave 32W LED Floodlight codes LED400FLWH and LED400FLB for matching installations.Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations.IP55 weatherproof rating.Exit 'ON' feature.Easy installation with Fast-fix terminal block connection.

Box Contains

1 x 32W LED Energy Saver PIR Floodlight

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